Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Iran to Defend Women's Rights and Philosophy? No, Unfortunately, it's Not a Joke

by Bernard-Henri Lévy

Huffington Post

November 8, 2010

We're not done with Iran. First of all, of course, because of Sakineh, who has been granted a new stay of execution but remains imprisoned, in solitary confinement, like her own son. And the sentence may be executed at any moment. The summum of ignominiousness, the local presiding justice of Tabriz had the gall to declare that Sakineh is in good health. But because of two other affairs (I don't dare say two new affairs, for they are known and have been going on, the one and the other, for several months now) that have been little discussed, far too little, when they are just as indicative of the blindness, the cowardice, and the absence of democratic reflexes of the West when confronted with Iran.

The first concerns World Philosophy Day, organized every November by UNESCO and which, it has been decided, will be held this year in -- Tehran! Before the incredulousness and disturbance the news caused in philosophical circles, the organizers attempted to duck the issue by scheduling a pre-opening, in Paris, on November 18th, followed by a series of meetings in the days thereafter in Mexico, Tunis, or Dakar. But they did not go so far as to cancel the days in Tehran. So, if things remain as they are, one will philosophize from November 21st to 23rd in one of the world's capitals of fanaticism and tyranny.